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Breaking Bread + Building Community

“We haven’t had a bakery like this since I was a kid.”
—Somebody's really nice grandma, Jersey Shore

In Good Company

Brooklyn, NY

Spring Lake, NJ

Est. 2017

Our Story

Williamsburg, New York

Springlake, New Jersey

Established. 2018

Wall Street in Manhattan at rush hour.

Heading here


The Nick + Sons story finds its beginnings in Iceland when photographer Nicholas Heavican found himself taken aback by a piece of bread at Braud & Co. With zero baking experience, Nick H. was intrigued to learn the secrets of the loaf and landed an apprenticeship that would change his life forever. He learned not only how to bake bread, but how the bakery culture brought the community together in a profound and interconnected way. Upon returning home to Williamsburg, Nick H. looked around + said, “My neighborhood needs this.” In true NY-side-hustle form, Nick H. worked by day + rented pizza kitchens by night to bake bread to bring to the community.


McCarren Park,
See You Soon.