Icelandic Connection

"We still talk every week" — Nick H

Founded in 2016, Brauð & co is now known as one of Iceland’s best artisanal bakeries. Brauð & co had only been open a few weeks when Nick Heavican tried a piece of their remarkable sourdough + dropped everything to ask for the apprenticeship that started it all. 

Nick H.’s mentor + Brauð co-founder, Gústi Einþórsson, is now working on a new day-to-night concept, BakaBaka. Gústi + Nick have stayed connected since the apprenticeship from Reykjavík to Brooklyn, “To this day, Gústi still advises me on lots of stuff. His excitement + generosity is so infectious. We talk weekly about business, family, bread. Everything.” — Nick H.

Early Morning
Gústi Einþórsson
Brauð & co.