Love Letter to 205 Leonard St.

A moment of reflection + gratitude

Leonard St. was our first home—it’s the place we learned how to make croissants, defined the rhythm of our daily baking practice, experimented with hundreds of recipes and ingredients, connected deeply with the community, overcame challenges, and built an incredible team. 

Our gratitude overflows as we reflect on all the moments we shared & friends we made here. Many people who come into Nick + Sons, especially the older generation, have a memory to share about the neighborhood bakery they remember going to as a kid. Every time we hear these stories, it inspires us to be a space that our community cherishes for generations—not just for the bread but for the memories made with the people we shared it with. If the secret to life is finding joy in the small moments and simple pleasures, we’ve figured it out together.

And so, with this mission and open arms, we invite you to our new home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Thank you all so much for the love and support that has led us here. 

Here’s to a new chapter. 

See you soon!!!!

In Butter We Trust,

The Nick + Sons Team

892 Lorimer St. Brooklyn
Tues-Sun 7:30am-2pm

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