How Sal's Bread Came to Be

There’s a guy named Sal who owns the laundromat around the corner from our first shop on Leonard Street. We were regulars at each other’s estalishments—we used to wash our towels + aprons at his place, and Sal would come by ours on the weekend to load up on goodies. Every single Saturday, Sal and his brother would pick up grocery bags full of bread + pastries to deliver to friends, family, and their favorite shops around town—from their regular car wash to their go-to pizzeria in Queens. 

It’s not in our DNA to throw away good dough, so we started experimenting with ways to use the scraps from croissant ends—the doughy bits that don’t have enough butter to become croissants, but still have enough butter to be extremely delicious. One day, we rolled the ends into a ball, rose the bread, baked it, + gave it to our friend Sal to try. 

He loved it. He loved it so much he kept coming back + asking us for another loaf.  

Finally, we gave it a permanent spot on the menu + there was no better name for it than “Sal’s Bread”. 

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Bread Process
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