Why did we move from Leonard St?!

A Closer Look At Our Recent Move

Our dream since the beginning was to have an open kitchen to connect our community + bakers together on the ground floor. The aliveness that comes from this connection is not only why we do what we do—it makes the bread taste better. 

On the first day of Nick H.'s apprenticeship in Iceland, he was learning how to make cinnamon rolls when he saw people gathering outside through the front window. As he opened the bakery doors, the space filled with energy + excitement. The kids’ eyes lit up as they watched the bakers pull steaming trays of cardamom buns out of the oven. The head baker smiled and said, “Look at these kids. We get to be superheroes to them.” 

The open kitchen created space for a real connection. And that was always the dream for Nick + Sons. 

Leonard St. will always be our beginning + first home. It’s a quirky little space with character, surrounded by a whole lot of love. Each croissant had to travel up and down the basement stairs SIX times before someone got to eat it. In the interest of our bakers’ knees + our dream for an open space, we spent two years searching for the right location. 

We are so grateful for our East Williamsburg community and every single person who supported us on our journey as we learned how to run a bakery, trial and errored for months trying to find the right butter, weathered covid together, and now as we transition into the next chapter. 

Thank you to all who made Leonard St. possible. With warm hearts, we look forward to welcoming you to our new space at 892 Lorimer right next to McCarren Park. Please bear with us as we dial in our ovens and settle into our new home. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to creating more memories together and breaking bread with old friends + new. 

As we make this transition, Leonard St. is temporarily closed—details forthcoming about what is next for the space!